Seamlessly shuttling computations and data across a network of scientists & devices

A reproducible science framework to enable seamless use of
diverse computational cyberinfrastructure resources
across contributors and devices.

Cybershuttle is currently in the works. Stay tuned!

Core principles & features

User Productivity

Enable individual researchers to utilize their unique collections of computing, scientific software, and data, providing an individual view into research computing resources at all scales

Extensibility & Collaborations

Instead of learning from scratch, modify an existing experiment and run it through Cybershuttle

Third-Party App Integrations

Access to synchronized cloud tools to gain deeper insights from the data

Reproducible Computations

Shared associated data and experiments captured in the system generating quick results

Our Team and Expertise

Molecular sciences
Principal Investigator
Emad Tajkhorshid, UIUC
Principal Investigator
Seid Koric, UIUC


Thanks to our Sponsors

Cybershuttle is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under the following grants

National Science Foundation

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